Vtoroye dykhaniye

The Vtoroe Dykhanie Foundation is a non-profit organization created within the framework of the Charity Shop in Moscow in 2014. The goal of the project is collecting, sorting, redistributing and processing clothes. The collected clothes are partly redistributed among socially vulnerable groups while the other part is sent to the foundation's stores. The Vtoroe Dykhanie Foundation is a social enterprise with a hybrid business model with income from donations, grants and sales.

Country: Russia

Country: Russia

Region: Moscow

Category: Responsible Consumption

Category: Social Business

Category: Waste Problem

Category: City for People

Group: Alumni

Group: Partner

Program: 2019, SDG Accelerator

SDG: Decent Work and Economic Growth

SDG: Sustainable Cities and Communities

SDG: Responsible Consumption and Production

SDG: Climate Action