NEED necessary education

NEED is an animation studio from Kyiv specialized in the development of cycles of educational videos as well as single video clips. The goal of the project is to make any kind of knowledge exciting, understandable, easy to perceive, and accessible. The studio handles topics of significant relevance such as sexual education or political processes and engages its audience to critically think and talk about it. NEED produces its videos in Ukrainian and English and has developed projects for the UNDP Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Impact Hub Odessa and Dekabristen e.V. The company publishes its material for free on their Youtube channel. NEED is a for-profit organization with strong social responsibility.

Country: Ukraine

Country: Ukraine

Region: Kyiv

Category: Education

Category: Social Business

Group: Alumni

Group: Partner

Program: 2018, Baikal Calling

SDG: Quality Education