CoccoBello / Maly Turysh

CoccoBello / Maly Turysh was founded in 2012 by Guzel Sanzhapova and Natalia Aleksandrova. The company produces cream honey with berries, jam and herbal tea in the village of Maly Turysh, 200 km away from Ekaterinburg. The project plays an important role in the revival of the village and provides employment for its residents. Guzel Sanjapova, the founder of the company, defines her task as "building a bridge between the city and the village so that the residents of the city can get natural products and the villagers can get work and recognition". The company is a social enterprise and additionally gets funded through crowdfunding.

Country: Russia

Country: Russia

Region: Maly Turysh

Category: Social Business

Category: Responsible Production

Category: City for People

Group: Expert

Group: Partner

SDG: Decent Work and Economic Growth

SDG: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

SDG: Reduced Inequalities

SDG: Sustainable Cities and Communities

SDG: Responsible Consumption and Production