Milasha, Dairy Farm

«Milasha» Dairy Farm was opened in the village of Granovshchina in 2016 by Nikita Rossov and his family. The farm produces milk and cheese, and there are about 30 rare goats of Nubian, Zaanen, Alpine breeds on the farm. The idea of the creators is «to show that farming is not dirty and marginal, but interesting and promising». In 2018, the project won a grant for the further development from the Ministry of Youth Policy of the Irkutsk region, and later was supported by the Ministry of Youth Policy and the Government of the Irkutsk region for the improvement of the territory and free school study visits from 2020.

Country: Russia

Country: Russia

Region: Irkutsk

Category: Responsible Production

Group: Alumni

Group: Partner

Program: 2019, SDG Accelerator

SDG: Responsible Consumption and Production