Qualitative Assessment of Progress on SDG 16 “Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions”

Presentation of Monitoring-Toolkit for SDG16 and discussion with Russian, German and international experts

26th of January 2022
14:00–15:30 CET, Zoom

SDG16 “Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions” is considered to be one of the most difficult goals of the 2030 Agenda to monitor. Even today there is still no clear understanding of how progress on this SDG can be tracked. This also poses a major challenge to non-profit organizations and civil activists who play an important role in monitoring the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

In response to that, experts and members of the Coalition for the Sustainable Development of Russia (CSDR), represented by Dekabristen e.V. and Citizens’ Watch, developed a toolkit to track progress on qualitative data for SDG16. The toolkit will help civil society to understand the main gaps in achieving SDG16 in their countries as well as determine which requirements should be put forward to the state in order to reach SDG16 by the end of 2030.

The toolkit will be presented and discussed together with Russian, German and international experts. The event will take place online in English and Russian with translation.
Elena Shakova, Citizens’ Watch
Alexander Gorbachev, Soldier’s Mothers
Alenda Vandesheva, Transparency International Russia
Polina Sadovskaya, PEN International

Moderator: Nelya Rakhimova, Coalition for the Sustainable Development of Russia