International Program for the Study of Social Innovation, Education for Sustainable Development and Monitoring Progress on the SDGs achievement.
The aim of the project is to promote international cooperation in the field of social innovation and the global Agenda 2030 (SDG17). 

Together with the Institute of Leadership and Management of Ukrainian Catholic University, EcoVisio Moldova, Impact Hub Moscow, Impact Hub Odessa and the Center for Environmental Solutions of Belarus, the Laboratory hosts trainings, conferences and educational trips to exchange experience and study the best civil practices and social enterprises of Belarus, Germany, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. Participants get to know and discuss social innovations, present their projects at pitching sessions, explore challenges, interdisciplinary approaches and best practices to address SDG challenges. At thematic workshops on inclusion (SDG 10), non-formal education (SDG 4), responsible consumption and organic production (SDG 12), environmental protection (SDG 13) and human rights (SDG 16),  social innovators and civil society actors develop prototypes of new projects and ways to monetize them, present concepts at pitchings and launch them with financial and mentoring support.

Another important task of the Laboratory is to monitor, analyze and develop recommendations on a set of sustainable development issues included in each of the 17 Goals. This work is carried out in cooperation with national expert groups. Its results are published in civic reviews (shadow reports) and discussed at meetings with representatives of ministries, relevant agencies as well as scientific and civil organizations.

Program of support and development of cooperation for social entrepreneurs, innovators and members of Russian civil society.
Innovate for Change is a capacity building and exchange program for social entrepreneurs, innovators and civil society actors. The program consists of online and offline seminars and educational visits, where participants take part in workshops on project design and management, fundraising instruments and cooperation on local level and thus learn how to expand the reach of their current work. Up to five projects receive micro-grants between 70.000 and  100.000  rubles to test their ideas or to carry out activities in their regions focusing on innovative solutions for societal, civic, environmental challenges, especially human rights, civic education, inclusion and sustainable development issues.

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Training in St.Petersburg

Offline educational program for participants and winners of Innovate for Change program
Due to the Covid19 pandemic contact and travel restrictions, most of the activities of the Innovate for Change 2020 program were conducted online. The final event took place in St. Petersburg in April 2021 in cooperation with Impact Hub Moscow. 

Eleven participants from six regions of Russia worked for four days on the financial structure of their projects, discussed solutions with experts and social entrepreneurs, were inspired by socio-cultural initiatives in the village of Kaikino, and learned how to find the right balance between work and volunteering.

Shadow reports on SDGs

Study, analyze, and publish citizen reviews (shadow reports) about progress in achieving the SDGs.
In 2020, the first independent civil society report on achieving the SDGs in the countries of the former USSR was released. It revealed serious discrepancies between Russian policy and economic development and the global Agenda 2030, pointing out the barriers, challenges and ways to overcome them for the state and civil society. The voluntary civil society review was initiated and published by the Coalition for Sustainable Development of Russia (CSDR), with the support of Dekabristen e. V.

In 2021, the first reports on Moldova and Belarus will be published, aimed at analyzing and developing proposals for the environmental set of the SDGs: the development of renewable energy sources (SDG7), the promotion of responsible consumption and production (SDG12) and the implementation of reforms taking into account the effects of climate change (SDG 13).

Our international team provides financial support and advice on researching, drafting, publishing and submitting civil society reviews to the UN.

Additional education program for project managers by Dekabristen e. V. and partner organizations from Belarus, Georgia, Germany, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.
From December 2020 to March 2021, an online program of additional education for civil society leaders- the Civic Leaders Advocacy Network (C. L. A. N.) - was held for project managers and partners of Dekabristen e.V. from Belarus, Georgia, Germany, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.

In 10 online workshops the participants learned how to facilitate (online and offline) trainings and moderate online discussions, discussed strategies on combating Zoom fatigue in virtual events, developed media plans and strategies for working with social networks, studied the basics of sustainable project management, received insightful information on how to improve the access of their events and digital infrastructure for people with disabilities, and shared experience on fundraising and reporting.

A program within the Sustainable Development Laboratory for finding international partnerships and creating solutions to achieve the SDGs.
The SDG accelerator aims to promote international cooperation and partnership between civil society organizations and social enterprises. The participants study the experience and approaches of leading social enterprises in Germany and Eastern Europe, develop ideas for partner projects and receive expert support for their launch, finding funding and conducting joint events, promotions and campaigns.

Incubation program for social entrepreneurs from Ukraine
Social entrepreneurs are becoming new actors of change in Ukraine and contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals. From July to September 2020, the Institute of Leadership and Management of Ukrainian Catholic University in cooperation with "Sustainable Development Lab" by Dekabristen e.V. conducted an educational and exchange program for social entrepreneurs and innovators from Ukrainian regions.

In public online discussions, webinars and workshops, 30 participants learned basics about social entrepreneurship in Ukraine, Social Lean Canvas, Social Marketing & Storytelling, Fundraising and Pitching & Presenting Skills and developed their own social business ideas. In the virtual final event on September 19, 13 participants publicly presented the business models for their social and environmental projects. The three best projects were recommended to participate in the SDG Accelerator “Partnerships for the Goals!” and won the possibility to participate in a study trip to Berlin in autumn 2021.


In our programs, microgrants are an important tool for supporting civil initiatives, testing project ideas, holding small events in the regions and campaigns to promote the SDGs.

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