Sustainable cities for everyone! Can social entrepreneurs reduce inequalities?

Expert talk on inclusion, accessibility and international partnerships on SDG 10 in Eastern Europe and Germany
8th of September 2021
18:00-20:00 (CET)
dvor, Ahlbecker Str. 3, 10437 Berlin
Alina Marnenko | Museum in the dark “Three after Midnight | 03:00”, Kyiv
Halyna Shtogryn | Maisternya Mrii (Dream workshop), Lviv
Tinatin Gurgenidze | Eastern Block Stories, Dekabristen e.V., Berlin
Carina Spreitzer | project INKultur, DRA e.V., Berlin
Nataliia Zviagintseva | project INKultur, DRA e.V., Berlin

Moderation: Sergey Medvedev | Sustainable Development Lab, Dekabristen e.V., Berlin
Leaving no one behind is the core concern of the 2030 Agenda. People with disabilities are often particularly disadvantaged: they are at high risk of poverty and unemployment, have limited access to quality education, are being marginalized in society. Their mobility is limited in urban areas. Can social entrepreneurs help people with disabilities to reduce inequalities in the city? How can development programs and international partnerships foster inclusion, accessibility and achievement of the Agenda 2030?

A vaccination certificate or negative test results will be required due to the current COVID 19-related restrictions.