2020 Global Week to Act for Sustainable Development Goals, September 18-26
Call for Applications
Dear friends and colleagues!

We invite you to participate in the 2020 Global Week to Act for Sustainable Development Goals, taking place 18th - 26th September 2020, and apply for microgrants for your civic initiative in the Russian regions.

The Global Week to Act for SDGs is a global civil society initiative uniting people across the world. The aim is to mobilize people to take individual and collective action and to support the progress towards the Agenda 2030, the universal plan to create a better world by 2030, by ending poverty, fighting inequality and addressing the urgency of climate change. This year, three main directions for action have been identified:
  • Communicate: Raise awareness of SDG issues and get informed
  • Advocate: Raise your voice and hold leaders to account
  • Activate: Organize and (online) event and mobilize your community to take direct action for the goals

We, the Coalition for Sustainable Development of Russia, want to encourage “Activate” by supporting local civic initiatives to implement the SDGs in Russia with microgrants from 200 EUR to 500 EUR.
Who can participate?
Organizations and individuals from all civil society sectors can apply for a microgrant and contribute to the Global Week to Act 2020.
How can you take action?
We can both support local events as well as online activities that address one or more SDGs, as long as they comply to Covid19-regulations. You can organize for example a night track in support of the SDGs, an outdoor exhibition or a neighbourhood clean-up. Alternatively, you can choose online activities and arrange a webinar series or organize an online campaign including infographics, animations, etc.
How can you apply?
Please submit your application until 7th September here (LINK)
11 September
Webinar on SDG Actions and Pitching of Project Ideas
12 September
Result of pitches and approval of microgrants
18 - 26 September
Global Week to Act for SDGs
with a series of webinars on SDG implementation in Russia (Communicate), open letters to government (Advocate) and implementation of local civic initiatives (Activate)
until 15 October
Publication of project results and reporting
until 8 September
Call for applications
Financial support