2020-2030: Decade of Action in Russia. Challenges and Solutions

Civil Society Review on SDG Implementation in Russia
We are glad to present the Civil Society Review on the SDG implementation in Russia. It was compiled by the Coalition for Sustainable Development of Russia (CSDR) with the support of the communication project +1. The authors of the review analyzed the current situation in the field of each of the SDGs, and prepared recommendations to the state and civil society on their achievement. Communication project +1 prepared an appendix to the review with best practices on the SDG implementation in Russia "From challenges to Solutions. Cases of the SDGs in Russia."
In 2020, Russia presented the achievements of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the first time at the UN High-level Political Forum. For this purpose, the Analytical Center under the Government of Russia has created a reporting document — a Voluntary National Review. In turn, Civil society has prepared an independent Civil Review of the SDGs, which is also planned to be presented at the UN forum.

The Independent Civil Society Review researches the implementation of all 17 SDGs in Russia from the perspective of civil society. Its main purpose is to provide recommendations to the public sector, as well as to determine the directions and ways of cooperation between the state and civil society for the implementation of the SDGs.

The Shadow report was developed by the Coalition for Sustainable Development of the Country and the communication project +1.